You Can Sell A Widget. Or You Can Sell To The Whole Enterprise.

What’s Your Appetite For?

Why do technology companies, manufacturers and professional services firms seeking the best sales training consistently turn to KeyRoad? It comes down to one of two reasons:

  1. Scale Up The Performance Of Your Sales Organization and Your Salespeople

    If you’re here, the generated revenue is probably good. You might even be happy overall with your sales team. So what’s the issue?

    You want to take sales up a significant notch or two from where they are, that’s what. It’s time to go beyond selling and upselling on one project. Instead of selling at the project level, you want to inspire your team to sell into the entire enterprise.

    This is no small leap. It requires a different skillset and different processes for different types of engagements. This is going to require a different roadmap for selling, direct from the best sales training you can find.

    The good news is that no firm is better equipped to migrate your team to sell to an enterprise than KeyRoad. Suppose some of your salespeople are severely challenged to go beyond selling at the project leader level. In that case, we will train them to have a series of compelling business-oriented conversations that gain far more traction with the executive suite.

  2. Improve The Performance Of Your Salespeople

    Here, you have a fair amount of revenue, but it appears that a large part of your revenue is being generated by a small portion of your sales reps – such as 80% of revenue generated by 20% of your reps. This imbalance is causing havoc in your sales forecasting. What now?

    Well, you could get rid of a lot of reps and keep the same revenue, but in many cases, we find the problem with the sales team is fixable.

    That’s because there’s typically a larger issue in play with more in-depth questions to be asked. If you don’t address those issues, the same problems could keep occurring. So KeyRoad changes the behaviors and processes you’ve had for selling from the ground up.

    As we do, you will be able to pinpoint the trouble areas in your pipeline where prospects have tended to stall and uncover what types of conversations are presently being had – or not had – in those critical timeframes of the prospect’s decision-making.

    As a greater number of your salespeople improve upon their close rates and shorten their selling cycle length, we’ll then show them how to broaden their impact and up-level their sales per client by prospecting throughout the entire enterprise.

The Key Road to your success may not be purely winning more accounts. It may be in making profoundly more headway by recognizing the whole range of new sales opportunities with existing accounts.

Once you’re enlightened to that fact, all you need is guidance from the best sales training around to transform bold plans into bigger performances. Not to worry. KeyRoad Enterprises knows the way forward.