3 Strategies to Defend Against Big Competition Sellers

Sure, your product or service might be fantastic— but so is everyone else’s.  To really turn heads in today’s competitive marketplace, you and your sales team must be deft in your prospecting—and maybe even a little tricky. Here are three strategies for toppling your big competition sellers: Strategy One: Talk to your prospects early.    The […]

Running a Startup? More Best Practices for Fast-Growing Tech Companies

Regardless of their industry, most entrepreneurs desire fast growth. It’s an indication of success— customers want what you have to offer. But in the lightning-fast tech industry, rapid growth is par for the course, often leaving entrepreneurs with a “figure it out as we go” mentality. But to be successful in the long term, controlled—not […]

Best Sales Practices for Fast-Growing Tech Companies

With the speed of innovation permeating today’s tech world, fast growth is inherent –even easy– for technology companies. But while rapid growth may seem like an indicator of success, it must also be controlled and strategic to be successful in the long-term.  While being a tech entrepreneur requires a certain amount of fluidity, the “we’ll […]

How to Go from Salesperson to Sales Manager?

In real estate there is a golden rule: location, location, and location. In migrating from an individual contributor’s role as a salesperson to a sales management role, there is also a golden rule: process, process, and process. Sales management is all about selling through others, empowering and motivating your team, and bringing efficiencies and effectiveness […]

Sink or Swim: New Tricks for B2B Sales

In an increasingly complex marketplace, how can B2B sellers stand out? Today’s customers use an average of six (and sometimes more) channels when buying, and thanks to digital trends, they aren’t contacting suppliers directly until 57 percent of the buying process is complete. So what does that mean for sales leaders? Simply put: sink or […]

Women in Business – More Differences to Men & What It Means For Success

Last week, we began a discussion of women entrepreneurs and the way they differ from their male counterparts. A significant increase in American women-owned businesses over the past 16 years has placed women more firmly on the map, but trends in their leadership behaviors continue to hold them back. Continuing our comparison of male and […]

Women in Business: Do You Have These Characteristics?

Statistics paint a rosy picture for female entrepreneurs. According to the 2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses report commissioned by American Express OPEN, there are 8.6 million women business owners in America, accounting for 29% of all U.S. enterprises, making $1.3 trillion in revenue and employing 7.8 million individuals. The rate of growth for women-owned businesses […]

More Common Senior Executive Roadblocks & Solutions

Last week we began a discussion of business consultant and coach Clyde C. Lowstuter’s  7 roadblocks to executive success. This week we’ll take a look at the last four challenges, all of which can be overcome with a little effort and self-awareness. 4.  Inauthenticity We all hear a lot of talk these days about authenticity. […]

Management Roadblocks Are Often Self-Created – How to Overcome Them

Of the challenges faced by senior executives—or all professionals, for that matter— it’s fair to say that many are self-created. Blind spots in your leadership style, the way you interact with colleagues or perform your job can leave bad impressions, or even damage your career. But according to business consultant and coach Clyde C. Lowstuter, […]

7 Mistakes of a Chief Revenue Officer – Part 2

As the saying goes, “the best offense is a good defense.” Last week, we looked at the first 4 of 7 common mistakes that Chief Revenue Officers make and how to avoid and overcome them. This week, we look at the remaining 3 – because if you can recognize mistakes before they happen, it will […]

7 Mistakes of a Chief Revenue Officer – Part 1

The role of a Chief Revenue Officer is a daunting one – essentially, as a CRO, you are responsible for all the processes that generate revenue for the company – and in turn, are responsible for the success or failure of the organization. Seem overwhelming? It can be – and there isn’t much room for […]

Case Studies Are Your Best Selling Tool: Here’s How To Create One

There’s an old saying that still rings true in sales: Facts tell, stories sell. Storytelling during the sales engagement process is extremely effective; it can help initiate a business conversation, vividly illustrate a point, create interest or engage an audience. So why are up to 80 percent* of case studies and/or success stories created by […]