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Best Sales Practices for Fast-Growing Tech Companies

With the speed of innovation permeating today’s tech world, fast growth is inherent –even easy– for technology companies. But while rapid growth may seem like an indicator of success, it must also be controlled and strategic to be successful in the long-term.  While being a tech entrepreneur requires a certain amount of fluidity, the “we’ll […]

How to Go from Salesperson to Sales Manager?

In real estate there is a golden rule: location, location, and location. In migrating from an individual contributor’s role as a salesperson to a sales management role, there is also a golden rule: process, process, and process. Sales management is all about selling through others, empowering and motivating your team, and bringing efficiencies and effectiveness […]

Sink or Swim: New Tricks for B2B Sales

In an increasingly complex marketplace, how can B2B sellers stand out? Today’s customers use an average of six (and sometimes more) channels when buying, and thanks to digital trends, they aren’t contacting suppliers directly until 57 percent of the buying process is complete. So what does that mean for sales leaders? Simply put: sink or […]

Building a Sales Pipeline – Part 4: How to Converse with Executive Decision Makers

Last week we discussed why it’s important to connect with “above the line” executive at prospective companies, those who have the power to secure unbudgeted funds. Now we’ll look at what to say to those individuals when you’ve got them on the phone. How many times have you been delegated down to the project manager […]

Building a Sales Pipeline – Part 3: Creating a Targeted Conversational List

Last week we explored the competitive edge you’ll gain by connecting with prospects that aren’t currently looking for your product or service, and took a glance at the circumstances under which an executive would take a phone call from a salesperson. We pointed out that, though cold calling typically isn’t effective, it is a necessary […]

Building a Sales Pipeline – Part 1: How Do You Turn Indifference Into Curiosity?

In this series of blog posts, you’ll discover how to build your sales pipeline by turning indifference into curiosity among your prospects. Doing this doesn’t require a magic wand; it requires a solid game plan. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to develop a territory plan for your offering, and how to strategically determine your […]

Cold Calling – Part 4: Using the Telephone for Success

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Phone In the first 3 posts of this series, we looked at common prospecting complaints, different prospecting methods and the common denominator that links them, and the definition of a qualified lead. Now let’s delve into using the telephone for effective lead generation. After researching the […]

Responding to Your Call: The Upcoming 2013 Sales Association Conference in Chicago

  When the Midwest Chapter of The Sales Association set out to plan for its 2nd annual Midwest Sales Conference, they had one major goal in mind: servicing you, the salesperson. Seeking to create an interactive event that truly responds to the needs, questions and problems of real salespeople, they got to work conducting surveys, […]

Cold Calling – Part 1: Identifying Common Complaints about Prospecting

Common Complaints Salespeople and Their Organizations Have About Prospecting I am always amazed to hear sales people complain about how difficult it is to build their pipeline, and therefore meet or exceed their revenue target. I often hear gripes like: Marketing is sending me poor leads and I am wasting my time going after them […]

Hurt & Rescue: Creating Alignment to Increase Sales – Part 3

Train your Salespeople to Align with Your Prospects When you buy something, you often first make the decision to buy on a visceral level. Your salespeople can help the buyer achieve this emotional connection to your offering. How? Use the old adage: Hurt and rescue. The more a prospect hurts, the more eager he is for […]

Hurt & Rescue: Creating Alignment to Increase Sales – Part 2

Is Your Marketing Material Feature-Focused or Benefits-Focused? The first part of this series showed you how to categorize your sales people. Now you will learn how to categorize your products in order to learn which type of strategy is best for creating alignment within your organization. Your salespeople probably use marketing materials to help shape […]

Hurt & Rescue: Creating Alignment to Increase Sales – Part 1

What Type of Salespeople Does Your Organization Have? Which of the following people loves you the most: your spouse, your parent, or a partner? The next time you see that person, tell him or her, “You need to do this. You also need to do that. And finally, you need to do this third thing.” To […]