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How to Go from Salesperson to Sales Manager?

In real estate there is a golden rule: location, location, and location. In migrating from an individual contributor’s role as a salesperson to a sales management role, there is also a golden rule: process, process, and process. Sales management is all about selling through others, empowering and motivating your team, and bringing efficiencies and effectiveness […]

Unmet Expectations in Sales Forecasting – How To Spot Common Scenarios

Why does sales forecasting so often result in unmet expectations? How do you remedy what is often a frustrating cycle? In this series of blog posts, we’ll explore the conundrum of successful sales forecasting, and why it eludes so many businesses. If you’ve found yourself caught in this cycle, don’t despair. You’ve come to the […]

Building a Sales Pipeline – Part 3: Creating a Targeted Conversational List

Last week we explored the competitive edge you’ll gain by connecting with prospects that aren’t currently looking for your product or service, and took a glance at the circumstances under which an executive would take a phone call from a salesperson. We pointed out that, though cold calling typically isn’t effective, it is a necessary […]

Responding to Your Call: The Upcoming 2013 Sales Association Conference in Chicago

  When the Midwest Chapter of The Sales Association set out to plan for its 2nd annual Midwest Sales Conference, they had one major goal in mind: servicing you, the salesperson. Seeking to create an interactive event that truly responds to the needs, questions and problems of real salespeople, they got to work conducting surveys, […]

Replace or Train Mediocre Performers? – Part 1

This is part one of a two part discussion on whether to replace or train mediocre performers. Today I’ll discuss the results of the Culpepper Sale Study and how changing behaviors is tough to do. In part two, I’ll talk about the four key elements necessary to establish and then maintain a high performance sales […]