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Cold Calling – Part 3: What is a Lead?

In my last post in this series, we learned that cold calling is considered the most ineffective method of lead generation. Still, calling prospects – be they hot, cold or warm – is required to generate leads. But what exactly is a lead, and what makes a good one? For under-performing sales people with below-quota […]

Responding to Your Call: The Upcoming 2013 Sales Association Conference in Chicago

  When the Midwest Chapter of The Sales Association set out to plan for its 2nd annual Midwest Sales Conference, they had one major goal in mind: servicing you, the salesperson. Seeking to create an interactive event that truly responds to the needs, questions and problems of real salespeople, they got to work conducting surveys, […]

Cold Calling – Part 2: Types of Prospecting Tools & Methods

Types of Prospecting Tools and Methods, and the One Thing They Have in Common In part 1 of this series, I listed the common complaints salespeople and their organizations have about prospecting. Today we’ll examine different prospecting methods, how effective they are, and the common denominator that links the methods and the complaints. The University […]

Hurt & Rescue: Creating Alignment to Increase Sales – Part 2

Is Your Marketing Material Feature-Focused or Benefits-Focused? The first part of this series showed you how to categorize your sales people. Now you will learn how to categorize your products in order to learn which type of strategy is best for creating alignment within your organization. Your salespeople probably use marketing materials to help shape […]