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Building a Sales Pipeline – Part 5: Your Next Steps

In this series of blog posts, we looked at how to strategically and efficiently stock your sales pipeline. I hope you’ve gained some valuable tools and insights to turn indifference into curiosity among your prospects.    After having identified the universe for your offering (territory plan), having decided whom you should be calling on (targeted […]

Building a Sales Pipeline – Part 4: How to Converse with Executive Decision Makers

Last week we discussed why it’s important to connect with “above the line” executive at prospective companies, those who have the power to secure unbudgeted funds. Now we’ll look at what to say to those individuals when you’ve got them on the phone. How many times have you been delegated down to the project manager […]

Cold Calling – Part 2: Types of Prospecting Tools & Methods

Types of Prospecting Tools and Methods, and the One Thing They Have in Common In part 1 of this series, I listed the common complaints salespeople and their organizations have about prospecting. Today we’ll examine different prospecting methods, how effective they are, and the common denominator that links the methods and the complaints. The University […]