Sales Acceleration

You Get Faster, Better And More Sales From Your Pipeline To Your Bank Account.

The KeyRoad To Making It Happen Is A Special One.

With Sales Acceleration From KeyRoad,Sales Teams Have Enjoyed:

  • 40% better close ratio
  • 40% higher price per sale
  • 50% of more reps meeting or exceeding quota
  • 90%+ forecasting accuracy
  • 200% more qualified prospects

The mission to generate more sales is easy enough in itself to understand, but creating more top-line revenue doesn’t just fall into place on its own. Unfortunately, that’sprecisely what many other sales training companies do.

They create marvelous content. They train your sales team for a very limited time. And then? They leave.

KeyRoad, on the other hand, has a much deeper approach to creating more sales that encompasses four critical stages with our Sales Acceleration solution:

  1. Engagement Roadmap

    We examine the entire buying cycle in our first stage, which puts your pipeline under a microscope. We grade your pipeline appropriately for where it is now and where you need it to be. With that knowledge in tow, you are prepared to align your sales team's behaviors with each specific part of the buying cycle.

  2. SalesReady Messaging

    It goes beyond effective “pitching.” What words need to come offa salesperson's lipsforhim or her to be more effective? What conversations need to happen that aren’t happening right now?

    We help create conversational guides that provide the necessary framework for your sales team to better engage with buyers and lead these conversations to identify whether there are benefits for both parties to continue evaluating and ultimately successfully close a business relationship.

  3. Sales Training

    Whether training is delivered in-person or online, this is where talk leads to action. In the stage of Sales Training, the sales behaviors among your sales managers, sales directors and sales VPs are maximized for pre-sales efficiency, conversion and post-sales implementation. But remember, sales training with KeyRoad doesn’t happen in a bubble. It also includes the involvement of the CEO, COO, CMO, CFO, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing and VP of Engineering. We train marketing people on lead generation. And in a technology setting, it can meantraining the application engineers too.

  4. Post-Training

    Training gives way to mentoring and coaching through a structured program that accelerates your sales team’s adoption of what they’ve learned.

When process, messaging, training and adoption combine, you’ll get all the elements to rev up your sales. Not just one or two of them. By bringing in KeyRoad, your sales team is uniquely positioned to transform for the better and never look back or cut a single corner.


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Ready to be a hero and lead your team to great things? We’re eager to show you how to reinvigorate your sales force and accomplish results beyond expectations.

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Ready to be a hero and lead your team to great things? We’re eager to show you how to reinvigorate your sales force and accomplish results beyond expectations.

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