Have You Provoked A Client Lately?

How do you feel these days as a Chief Sales Officer (EVP, VP, or Director with sales management responsibilities) when most of your top producers (and the rest of the selling team) no longer can access senior executives using traditional methods like phone calls, emails, text messaging, and all the other gimmicks we all have used in the past, resulting in longer prospecting cycles, longer sales engagements, and lower returns per reps?

How frustrated are you with these situations where predictability in sales revenue has dropped by 25% or more for no apparent reasons? How frustrated does it make you feel when you hear over and over during sales meeting and weekly territory or activity reviews that your prospect has no budget for your solution, that it takes longer than projected to complete a specific selling stage, and that the level of competitiveness or control your sales team once had, no longer exists.

Your sales organization has options to deal with this situation: establish a customer-focused selling organization and implement referrals selling while, at times, provoking your customers.