Empowering Your Channel Partners

Selling in the B2B space using indirect channel partners has always been a challenge for the manufacturers. There are some sustained misconceptions that have a hard time going away. It costs me less to sell indirectly then with a direct sales force. I gave my channel partners a 40% discount and some additional incentives to sell my products, so why aren’t they doing it? I expect my channel partners to create demand for my products. These are all fallacies and dangerous ones for the manufacturers. So how to I develop the most effective plan and executables to empower my channel partners? Three audiences to focus on: Manufacturer channel manager, the channel partner organization as a whole, and the channel partner sales force. Each audience requires a specific framework, training, incentives, and support to succeed (more in the article). Reality: Channel partner is only interested in how it can make money. Your responsibilities is to ensure that you know this fact, that you developed all the necessary support and training material to achieve their goals (not just yours), and that you stop thinking that the channel partner will create demand for you. Download this article for more information on empowering your channel partners.