Cold Calling

Cold calling has always been for most of us a very painful, dreaded, and unappealing selling task. Many of the sales people we work with prefer to sit on a cactus in the desert than to spend 5 hours a day “dialing for dollars” as the old say goes. It was a necessary evil for many years and those who mastered it were rather successful.

Quantity of calls made became the norm that was easily correlated to the number of sales closed. But today the world of selling has changed. It has become a buying world with the empowerment of buyers that do their own due diligence and that drive the purchase. So what’s up with cold calling now?

Where does it fit within the prospecting methods a sales person has at his or her discretion? Is there something organizations can do to ease the pain and more effectively provide qualified leads to its sales people to mitigate their incredible resistance to cold calling?

Is cold calling still alive or have we seen its death? May be, just may be, cold calling has evolved and sales people need to adjusts to its new reality? Download this WP to get an update on the telephone as a selling tool.