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Replace or Train Mediocre Performers?

by Philippe Lavie

For the past 20 years and the rise of the dot com world, the then new generation of sales people were better identified as up scaled order takers (no disrespect intended or implied). Ten years ago with the final boom years and then bust of the dot com, the number of benched sales people swelled even further. Then the economy crashed generating large unemployment and more sales people on the bench. With all of this, the reality of this past 20 years is that sales people rarely received formal sales training. They did get product training, feature-function training, and marketing training, but no real sales training. With the slow recovery and the need to hire sales people looming, the question for any organization is: “Do I train the few reps (or the many) I have or do I replace my sales force with new blood?” Download this article for get better insights on hiring or training mediocre performers.