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When senior sales executive Philippe Lavie started KeyRoad Enterprises in 2002, our President set out to create a different kind of sales training company. There were plenty of sales training organizations but very few, if any, that could use sales to transform the company’s growth trajectory completely. He wasn’t interested in working with people who wanted to throw a training class at improving the sales team. He wanted to create a sales training company fully committed to making business development a long-term element of the entire culture.

It’s a mission of excellence, integrity, performance and transformation. And those virtues form everything we live by and do at KeyRoad Enterprises today to further the most advanced customer-focused sales techniques in the industry.

Over the years, KeyRoad has brought extensive insights to organizations across the globe such as TIBCO Software, Bishop-Wisecarver, OpenTV, Ilog, AB Applied BioSystems, Torani, VantaggioHR, 24/Seven and many more. Prior to setting up KeyRoad, Philippe worked at Daisy Systems, Sun Microsystems, Onlink Technologies and the Portland Trailblazers.

10 Minutes With Philippe Lavie

Philippe, as you’re diagnosing a company’s challenges, what’s one of the most revealing issues you discover during this process?

It pertains to what I call “sales truths,” which is a conversation between the seller and multiple buyer personas. To help a salesperson have more of an intelligent discussion around and about diagnosing what’s going on, they need to be able to talk to a specific buyer’s persona.

How does a sales team have a powerful and thought-provoking conversation with such a buyer persona or personas? Especially since we have to assume that we’re approaching the potential buyer from a place where they don’t yet trust the seller.

At KeyRoad, we create a conversational guide based on the persona or personas, which includes the top three or four goals/challenges/needs that he or she has that your company can address. The closer to understanding those areas by using this guide, the more we can have a very productive conversation. As the seller, we have to pull data, information and values out of the buyer.

Being a sales training company, we teach teams to spend as much time in and go as deep as possible during this phase because the more we can uncover, the easier it will be to prescribe solutions based on what the buyer gives us. Based on that, we can measure how well the seller understands whether the buyer is serious about buying and wants something you actually have to sell.

How does KeyRoad help to bring marketing and sales together by focusing on the sales silo?

First, it’s important to define who does what consistently in order to keep the machine of business development humming along like clockwork. For example, I think all forms of brand content have to be owned by marketing. Sales cannot own it. Marketing has its own metrics and milestones that have to be respected too.

On the other hand, we find that marketing tends to use a type of language that is great for the brand, but when it comes to very drilled down, specific verbiage that resonates with the prospective buyer, we need to ensure that verbal detail is owned by sales. Plus, sales needs its own very defined metrics to focus on what we regularly monitor, such as the number of calls and top-line revenue generation. When sales is clear on the language to use for each stage and its own unique metrics for success, many “worlds” within the organization are brought together.

KeyRoad is the one sales training company that can help your sales team with those definitions, verbiage and goals immensely. A highly focused sales team pays dividends outside of the sales department for sure. After all, as a sales transformation company, we want everyone in the business to understand how sales behaviors align with stages of the buyer’s journey.

Meet The Team

Rob Gullett

Rob Gullett is a Senior Consultant/Client Engagements with 10 years experience in helping companies learn, deploy and measure successes in their sales process methodologies. Over the past 9 years Rob has worked with a variety of clients including, TIBCO Software, Business Objects/SAP, Rockwell Automation, SPSS/IBM and others worldwide as a member of the KeyRoad coaching and instructional team providing an understanding of the principles and best practices of CustomerCentric Selling© to Field Sales, Inside Sales, Global Services, Marketing and Sales Management teams. Rob has over 100 engagements in his role as a CCS® coach and workshop manager, and brings value to KeyRoad clients from his former positions as a senior-level sales and marketing executive with global companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. Rob and his family reside in the San Francisco Bay area.

Jerome Morel

If Jérôme's initial training is that of a computer engineer, he has nevertheless worked mainly in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship for almost 26 years. Initially a salesman for a service company, he became its director and positioned it as one of the French specialists in helping managers of large organisations to set up and use dashboards. When the company was sold, he created a new consulting business, specialising in sales coaching for IT companies. Then he creates a software company aimed at helping marketing departments to generate demand on the internet. EMC, Microsoft, CEGID and ADOBE were then among his clients. Since the sale of the latter business, Jérôme has been working as a freelancer helping start-ups or larger organisations to align their sales process and organisation to the way their customers buy. Salesforce, iBanFirst or Keyrus are some of the companies he has accompanied.

Angela Lapinski

Angela Lapinski has engaged with teams of business executives as a Sales Process Consultant since 2003. She has worked with varied industries such as manufacturing, software and professional services ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies. Some of these include TIBCO Software, Rockwell Automation and Business Objects/SAP. She has extensive intercultural communications experience and has implemented workshops and traveled throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. As a member of the KeyRoad instructional team, Angela helps implement best practices to improve the way business executives engage with their prospects by keeping the focus on the prospect’s needs, issues and goals. Angela also customizes material for sales ready messaging. Angela calls beautiful, central Minnesota home.

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