Running a Startup? More Best Practices for Fast-Growing Tech Companies

Regardless of their industry, most entrepreneurs desire fast growth. It’s an indication of success— customers want what you have to offer. But in the lightning-fast tech industry, rapid growth is par for the course, often leaving entrepreneurs with a “figure it out as we go” mentality.

But to be successful in the long term, controlled—not rapid—growth is required. Last week we began a discussion of the ten best sales practices for scalable growth. This week I offer five more tips for keeping a handle on progress.

  1. Ensure that your sales management team has allocated enough time to coach, mentor and lead the salesforce toward higher growth. It’s never enough to set targets and goals and then walk away from proactive management. Don’t just tell but show them how to do it; provide the tools and support they need to get it done, and work with them to see results.
  2. Build some competitive environment within the salesforce, not for money rewards but for contribution to the company’s results.
  3. Transparency is more prevalent now than ever. Over communicate during sales meetings and one-on-ones: Share how the company is progressing, where there are gaps, what plans are in place to mitigate the gaps, and how everyone is contributing to growth.
  4. Bring in new initiatives to change the status quo and to bring an enhanced sense of urgency towards growth.
  5. Do something fun in the office. Burnt out salespeople are not happy sales people. Too much work without some level of relief will backfire over time—and much sooner than you expect.

Remember: Fast growth in a controlled environment with lasting success is a process; it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. It’s hard work that comes with restarts, pitfalls, and lessons learned.  That said, why would you want it any other way? The idea is to see your company thrive, not crash and burn. Good selling!


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