Building a Sales Pipeline – Part 5: Your Next Steps

In this series of blog posts, we looked at how to strategically and efficiently stock your sales pipeline. I hope you’ve gained some valuable tools and insights to turn indifference into curiosity among your prospects.   

After having identified the universe for your offering (territory plan), having decided whom you should be calling on (targeted conversational list), and after having created the tools and prompters for your sales people to engage in prospecting and selling your offering (sales ready messages), it is also important to remember to:

  • Write your prospecting letters
  • Pick up the telephone and call
  • Manage the rejection that comes with selling
  • Set aside “sacred time” on your calendar dedicated to prospecting (at least 20% of your time)
  • Track your response rate and successes
  • Change your message if it does not work
  • Be prepared to have that conversation if the prospect says: “Tell me more, I am interested.”

Spending an equal amount of time or more prospecting with people that are not yet looking will generate better qualified, less competitive leads with an easier selling cycle than focusing on those prospects that are already looking.

That said: if you get a call from someone who really wants to buy from you, please take the order!



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