Building a Sales Pipeline – Part 4: How to Converse with Executive Decision Makers

Last week we discussed why it’s important to connect with “above the line” executive at prospective companies, those who have the power to secure unbudgeted funds. Now we’ll look at what to say to those individuals when you’ve got them on the phone.

How many times have you been delegated down to the project manager when you started to have a product feature function monologue with a C level executive? Aside from being upset, did you understand why? People get delegated to people they talk and act like. Should you prepare yourself to talk at the level of the title you want to reach? Of course you should. But many sales executives do not know how to get ready for such calls, nor are they interested in taking the time or applying the discipline necessary to prepare.

Our suggestion is that marketing is, or should be, responsible for preparing the necessary conversational tools and prompters for sales people to have intelligent conversations around critical business issues with their prospects’ C level executives.

We recommend you check into the process called Sales Ready Messaging® to create these conversational prompters, scripts, tools, and aids. You will empower your sales people with the information and the discipline to have these intelligent conversations and marketing will once again become relevant to the sales organization. We call this “ loading the lips” of the sales people with business issues and information relevant to a conversation with a C level executive, while staying far away from product demo or technical presentation.

Next week, we’ll briefly review what we’ve learned in this series of blog posts, and I’ll take you through your next steps.  


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