Cold Calling – Part 4: Using the Telephone for Success

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Phone

In the first 3 posts of this series, we looked at common prospecting complaints, different prospecting methods and the common denominator that links them, and the definition of a qualified lead. Now let’s delve into using the telephone for effective lead generation.

After researching the target company and having identified the title you want to speak with, here is the roadmap to a great call:

First, dial the number of the person you want to talk to or dial the main number and ask to be connected. If you get to a voicemail, zero out and talk to an assistant or receptionist who can give you relevant information. This should be focused on:

  • The company
  • Its operating procedures as they relate to what your are offering
  • Who is responsible for the area your offering addresses
  • What objectives, goals, needs these individuals have
  • How to contact them more effectively

Then, ask to be connected again to your prospect, or one of the key players you identified in your conversation with the assistant or receptionist. If still going to voicemail, zero out and ask to talk to that person’s assistant.

Present what you’re offering as if you were talking to the key player, and ask to have a meeting or a call time secured with the key player.

Do you think such a discovery conversation with an assistant or receptionist will better prepare you to have an intelligent conversation with your prospect? Your answer should be yes. Once you have identified reasons why your prospect would consider evaluating your products and services, don’t you think you now have a qualified lead?

Additionally, wouldn’t such a qualified situation eliminate some of the psychological barriers you might have against using the telephone for prospecting?

By standardizing and codifying cold calling approaches, we have seen companies improve their conversion rate from prospects to qualified opportunity by 50% and their win ratio by 40%.

In summary, prospecting is a must for every sales person. Learning how to use the telephone for success for cold, warm, or hot calling is paramount to individual sales success. Learning how to manage your calls, including how much time you spend cold or warm calling each day, and learning effective techniques to increase your hit and conversion rate will help make using the telephone more successful.



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