Cold Calling – Part 1: Identifying Common Complaints about Prospecting

Common Complaints Salespeople and Their Organizations Have About Prospecting

I am always amazed to hear sales people complain about how difficult it is to build their pipeline, and therefore meet or exceed their revenue target. I often hear gripes like:

  • Marketing is sending me poor leads and I am wasting my time going after them
  • Prospects don’t call me even though we have a terrific product feature set advertised all over the place
  • I call new prospects but they never return my calls
  • I can’t get anyone on the phone to present what I offer with players that can buy from me

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Another complaint I hear from companies is that their salespeople are not good at prospecting. These companies know they need a better-qualified pipeline. They implement what everybody else has already implemented to generate leads, from email campaigns, direct mailing, trade shows, seminars, and then some. Unfortunately, it only perpetuates what has failed to create the desired outcome of effectively and cost efficiently generating qualified leads.

Upon review of these pipelines, I find that few have qualified leads. I am therefore astonished when sales people act surprised when they are not meeting or exceeding their quarterly and yearly revenue target. Achieving sales goals and meeting revenue target are a sales person’s responsibility. It is part of the job definition. We, as salespeople, have no excuses at the end of year if we have not reached our goals and made the money we want to make. Whatever lead marketing or any other part of the organization comes up with is simply icing on the cake. Therefore, it is our responsibility to prospect and create the opportunities we will need to meet our objectives.

So how do you make these complaints a thing of the past? How can you train your salespeople, or yourself, to improve prospecting skills? In the next post, I’ll review different prospecting methods and the level of effectiveness each delivers. I will then reveal the common denominator that links both the methods and these complaints.


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